October 2017

Abhishek is Proud to Be Gay
[Blog!-December 2008]

How disgusting! Whatever happened to Indian values. Apparently they’ve gone to hell. In his recent film, Dostana, Abhishek pretends to be gay. He says he is very happy with that. Why am I not surprised? Abhishek looks gay. He’s a stupid and foolish actor and the only reason he’s gotten anywhere today is because of his father and sadly his wife. How shameful! “It’s a matter of great pride if I’m their icon,” says Abhishek. According to him homosexuals are as human as anyone else! No they’re not! India has really become too liberal. Dostana, surprisingly successful has also raised eyebrows and there’s talk that even Amitabh dislikes his character in the movie! Well, at least Big B still has some values left in him. I hope so at least. Too bad he couldn’t instill those values in his son. According to Abhishek, it’s a “normal film” and his entire family has enjoyed it, especially Aishwarya who seems to be very happy with it. Of course she’s happy with it. She has no values and no respect for Indian culture. She’s merely a cheap slut. Sure she’s beautiful. I wouldn’t argue with that but I wouldn’t go so far as to call her a role model or anything.

Karan Johar is surely gay because otherwise why would he make this stupid movie. Even though it is a comedy and we all know how popular they are it’s quite surprising that the film was so successful in the Indian audience. This proves what has become of our culture. The Liberals have taken over the world. More to my dismay, Drona was a flop and Dostana a hit. It really makes not sense. All along I’ve been thinking Bollywood is at fault for not making good movies but now I realize that it is really the audience that is at fault when in fact Bollywood is just giving people what they want…liberal, untraditional, funny, and stupid entertainment. How sadly foolish.

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