November 2017

Arabic Mehndi Wins!
[Blog!-October 2008]

We all know that Arabic mehndi is popular right now. The problem being that it has been popular for way too long! It is time to bring back traditional mehndi, also known as Indian mehndi. Every passing trend must diminish sooner or later and this is the right time. Bollywood celebrities have made this trend way too popular. The chunky designs have taken over the more intricate traditional ones. Many of you may have adorned your hands with henna just recently for Eid. It was probably Arabic Mehndi! So was mine, believe it or not. I usually don’t even get mehndi done for this very reason. This year I decided that I also wanted to take part in this lovely bit of festivities. I was determined to let the mehndiwali know that Arabic was not for me! Much to my dissapointment she outright refused to do a traditional design! I was willing to pay for it. It’s not like she was doing anyone any favors but her stubborness left nothing more than sheer dissapointment to me. She even refused to fill in the fingertips! It was an outrage I must say. Does everyone really like Arabic mehndi or do they just follow it because it’s so popular? What ever happened to our own culture? Our we abandoning our traditions for new ones? All these questions lead to only one answer. Not everyone likes the Arabic designs. They are just following trends. In the process our traditions our being abandoned. Traditional mehndi has become reserved only for brides. Even the bridal party is getting Arabic, and many times the bride herself! The solution? Speak up for what you really love. Bring back traditional mehndi. Together we can make a new trend! It’s time to defeat Arabic Mehndi.

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