October 2017

Are Anarkalis Out of Style?
[Blog!-June 2010]

I remember, last year, when I was on the hunt for anarkalis I was constantly wondering how long they would be in style for. It’s always a great feeling when you buy a new outfit. It’s such a good feeling to buy something new. It’s so exciting matching and accessorizing with your new clothes. What’s even better is when you finally get to wear your new clothes to the next wedding or party. However, nothing is more discouraging than only wearing something once. Many people will wear something once and forget about it or throw it out but that’s like throwing money away. It’s especially sad when something is so costly. Trends come and go but sometimes we still like something but can’t wear it anymore because it’s no longer in style. It’s always a chore to keep up with changing times but it’s nice to have a good collection of the classics to hold onto forever.


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