October 2017

Arzoo Blog! is Back in Touch
[Blog!-March 2009]

Sure, I admit it. The Arzoo Blog! has been a bit out of touch lately. It tends to happen when writers suffer from “writer’s blocks” but the best part is that when the writer’s block is cleared we writers come up with even better ideas and more appealing material. Arzoo Mag readers should be happy to know that we’re back in touch now and with much, much going on as we quickly approach the wedding season. If you’re not already familiar, wedding season unofficially begins on the Saturday of Memorial Day weekend and continues through September with June being the most popular of months. With the starting of the season we will be launching our wedding season survival guide and an issue catered to weddings and weddings alones. Wedding planning, attending weddings, weddings in our culture, fashionable updates, menu planning and wedding food, and so on. It may seem far away but we’re already quickly sailing through March and before you know it April and then May! That’s when the fun begins. School’s are out, the sun is warm, and weddings are in full swing. Don’t miss great articles like “How to Survive Wedding Season” and many more. Sure, the March issue is a bit behind but we’ll be catching up soon. Happy Reading :)

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