November 2017

Bollywood Fries
[Blog!-January 2009]

So the other day I mentioned that as I was watching Food Network I heard that Indian food is the hot new cuisine of the year. It makes sense as I’ve been seeing a lot of episodes featuring Indian cuisine. Although I must say they don’t do a very good job! They can’t even pronounce the names right and most of the time the dishes they make are not really authentic Indian. Anyway, I’ll save that discussion for next time.

Coming back to the topic. I picked up a copy of the Feb/Mar issue of Food Network Magazine and sat down to peruse through it. Now I had not been very pleased with their previous and first issue but this seemed a bit more promising and I must commend them for it because indeed it was! I found some great general ideas but the best part is they had a couple of Indian inspired dishes that seemed to have some potential. One was popcorn with an Indian twist which I will share with you a little later but the most appealing to me was BOLLYWOOD FRIES!

Ok, so they have nothing to do with Bollywood but they are fries made with some traditional Indian spices and I must commend Food Network on the catchy name! Don’t forget to check out our Bollywood section to find out how to make them :)

[photo credits: Food Network Magazine]

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