November 2017

Book on Unforgettable Tour
[Blog!-August 2008]

Filmmaker Ramesh Sippy’s daughter Sheena is traveling with the Bachchans on the Unforgettable Tour to photograph the show and compile the pictures into a book. Sheena is a professional photographer and has done assignments with personalities such as Amitabh Bachchan, Aishwarya Rai, Imran Khan, Naomi Campbell, and Zakir Husain. Sources say that Sheena is not happy with the fact that Amitabh posts pictures from the concerts on his blog with detailed captions. “The demand for the photographs of the shows is increasing,” says Amitabh on his blog. “I am compiling some more pictures. But this is not being received well by the photographer (Sheena) since she has been assigned to do a book on the tour. She feels all her work is going out to the world before time.” Big B praises Sheena on her work, “The magnificence of the arena and the enthusiasm of the crowds are so beautifully captured by Sheena Sippy Kapoor, who has been assigned to do a book on the tour.” Sheena is married to Shashi Kapoor’s son Kunal. Her family’s association with the Bachchan’s dates back to the time when her father directed Amitabh in the blockbuster Sholay. Later on, her brother Rohan Sippy teamed up with Abhishek Bachchan in Bluffmaster. “We are indeed such an integrated fraternity and proud of it,” says Amitabh.

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