November 2017

Corelle’s Indian-Inspired Designs
[Blog!-April 2009]

We’ve all seen that Corelle commercial, at least I have, where they “grease” the run way so that the model falls along with the plate which doesn’t break, showing us how Corelle can stand up to anything! Almost everyone’s got Corelle laying around somewhere or another. They’re cheap, economical, and unbreakable. No, I’m not advertising here but I found some Indian-inspired designs I thought of sharing. Whenever I see paisley it reminds me of mehndi.

Though a little to “busy” for me they’re worth considering if you’re traditional. But, nothing reminds one more of mehndi then this “Henna” design! Its Indian vibe and cultural beauty are in line with today’s ethnically inspired trends.

Look around…and you’ll see so much that has been inspired by India and it’s culture. Then share it with us! If your pick is chosen it will be featured in our next issue!

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