October 2017

Did Salwars Replace the Sari??
[Blog!-October 2008]

It may be widely justified that some decades ago women stopped wearing saris and opted in for the more “comfortable” salwar kameez. Who ever gave them the idea that a sari is not comfortable? Thousands of women, in India, have always worn saris and continue to do so quite comfortably. However, this urge to wear salwars was perhaps associated with the women working outside of the home movement. Yes, this brought huge change and with it the loss of traditional values and fundamentals. Salwar kameez, originally only worn by the people of Punjab and surrounding Northern areas, has now become the most common part of any woman’s wardrobe. The question yet to be answered is has it replaced the sari? Ofcourse not! It has not replaced the sari so much as empowered it or become more common. Perhaps for casual wear it is justifiable to say that it has, in fact, replaced the sari but only in certain age groups. Lifestyles have changed and with it fashion has always evolved. The true charm and gracefullness of a sari can never be replaced by the dull and boring salwar kameez!

[photo credit: eshakti.com]

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