November 2017

DON’T BUY From They LIE and CHEAT!!
[Blog!-June 2010]

I placed an order for a NAVY BLUE Saree from They, first of all, took FOREVER to process my order. Then they sent me the WRONG item. Instead, of a Navy Blue Saree they sent me a BLACK one. DON’T BUY FROM THEM!! THEY ARE LIARS AND CHEATERS.

Luckily I used PayPal and was able to dispute the item and after much trouble FINALLY got my money back. Instead of admitting their mistake and refunding me Utsav was trying to CONVINCE me to keep the item!! I will NEVER buy from them again. If they had taken the item back right away and refunded me immediately I would continue to shop from them but after first hand experiencing how they treat their customers, they are not worth my money and I don’t recommend them to anyone!

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