November 2017

Elegance with a Price Tag
[Blog!-June 2010]

Why does everything always come with a price on it? Whether you want quality, craftsmanship, genuineness, or even tradition; they all come with a price! The last topic on ghararas got me thinking…they’re so expensive no wonder no one wears them anymore! Sure, all Indian clothes are expensive…especially in the West, however, some are outrageously over priced! Ghararas are hard to find too. If ghararas only come in fancy wear then its obvious why their price tags are such but even everyday clothes are an added expense. Polyester is cheaper than cotton but who wants even a second of it in these hot summer months? Additionally, everyone claims that the salwar kameez or anarkali they are wearing is silk but chances are its probably not!

Most outfits are made with synthetic fabric and machine instead of hand embroidered and they are still so expensive that you don’t think of looking for the authentic fabrics. That’s one of the problems with readymade outfits. Saris, on the other hand, are great quality and craftsmanship for the price you pay. You can get an authentic pure silk sari and sure you’ll pay the price but at least it’s worth it. What’s better than getting your money’s worth. That’s always a better choice than paying an arm and a leg for cheap synthetics. Unfortunately, we don’t always have a choice.

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