October 2017

Food Network Insults Indian Food
[Blog!-January 2009]

They may not think they are insulting and they may not think that they are causing any offense but they are. I love Food Network but they cannot cook Indian food! Before they show Indian recipes they should really learn how to prepare them properly. They should also learn to pronounce the names right. It’s not buzmati rice; it’s basmati. It’s not sam bosas; it’s sambosas. So that’s the first thing they need to work on is their pronounciation. Next they need to start preparing dishes the authentic Indian way if they are going to call them Indian. Sandra Lee’s semi-homemade naan is not naan! Putting curry powder in something doesn’t make it Indian. Curry powder isn’t even Indian in the first place. Bobby Flay made some garam masala hens but then topped them with a maple glaze. HUH?? Since when did maple syrup become Indian. And by the way, it’s garam masala not gerum masala. So there you go…I’ve presented a few examples but nonetheless I still love Food Network and will continue to watch it. I just believe that they should stop putting forth false Indian food and seriously make it more authentic and traditional like it should be! Now on the other hand if they want to present fusion style cooking then it should clearly be labeled FUSION.

[photo credit: foodnetwork.com]

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