November 2017

Indian Influences
[Blog!-January 2009]

We see Indian influences everywhere nowadays. Whether it’s your Chai “Tea” Latte at Starbucks or a kajal eyeliner at Sephora, the craze for everything Indian has taken over. The other day I even heard on Food Network that the “hot” new cuisine of the year is Indian food! Check out a few of my favorite finds:

Terracotta Loose Powder Kohl Liner by Guerlain

This ultra fine, loose powder can be applied as an eyeliner using a wand applicator or as an eyeshadow using the brush. Thousands of years old kohl gets transformed.

Sephora, Laura Mercier, Makeup Forever, and many others have kohl liners as well. Stila even has a kajal eyeliner and Givenchy has a kajal eye pencil as well. Remember when everyone left kajal behind for the modern eyeliners? It seems like some of these big cosmetic companies are now taking something of ours and turning it into their own! I would check the ingredients before using any of these though.

Starbucks’ Chai is a big loser for it’s fake ingredients such as a “chai” syrup but their Black Tea Latte is worth trying with some modifications! Try ordering it like this next time: (your size) Unsweetened Black Tea Latte with less water and more milk! Add the amount of sugar to your taste and it comes pretty close to the chais made in most Indian homes! Why order it unsweetened though? The sweetener they use is their “Classic” sugar and water concoction that gives it an artificial taste.

Nature’s Gate’s Henna Shine Enhancing Shampoo and Conditioners are worth a try! Once again the mehndi plays an important role in the west. This formula is perfect for dull and lifeless hair. The henna helps impart shine to hair.

Not to worry because the henna used in this formula is of the non-coloring type and won’t dye your hair!

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