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Is It Really a Sari?
[Blog!-May 2009]

…that depends how you define a sari. A sari, as most of us know, is pleated with a pallu usually thrown over on of the shoulders. Now with the lengha sari and two-piece sari it makes one wonder what a sari really is. After much thought and consideration I’ve come to my own conclusion of what makes up a sari. Six to nine yards of free flowing fabric. Pleats. An attached pallu. This means that the “two-piece” sari is out of the question. I’m not sure I have yet understood its concept anyway. You mind as well say chaniya choli, lengha, ghagra choli. However, the lengha sari is a different story. It does have an attached pallu, several yards of free flowing fabric, yet no pleats. So I supposed it’s a halfway cross between a lengha and sari, hence the name. A real sari consists of pleats. So now comes a question, to be answered another day, how do we define the automatic sari?

[photo credit: cbazaar.com]

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One Response to “Is It Really a Sari?”

  1. ms ratty Says:

    I have to agree with the writer. As for the automatic sari, it is pseudo-sari, or a demi-sari. The design has its roots in the Sari but it is not really one. The pleats, one the other hand is in the style of waring the Sari and may very. A sari must be one pice of cloth, with or without a pallu, however, saying this, the pallu is most important part of the single length of cloth. A very small woman may require a much shorter length of cloth, a larger woman may need longer cloth just to have 3 pleats.

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