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Jodha Akbar Jewelry and Clothes
[Blog!-October 2008]

Drooling over the Jodha Akbar jewelry? There’s good news! Tanishq, the original name behind the original pieces, sells the pieces to you. Visit their website for more details. They don’t, however, list the prices. Strange because how do they expect anyone to buy if the price is not right there? You have to fill out an enquiry. What’s wrong with these people? Guessing from the notion that they are concealing the prices it is safe to assume that the jewelry is very costly! So if you’re looking for a more affordable option rest assured because there’s Carma World. They have exact Jodha Akbar replicas plus other Mughal inspired jewelry, polki, and kundan designs. Unlike Tanishq, however, their jewlery is made purely out of metal. So you miss out on a lot of quality but at least you get the look. The following necklace, made oh so famous by the movie, is perfect for any bride.

So, you have the jewelry. As for the clothes, you can order them from Neeta Lulla, the actual designer. However, once again a price is not given and you have to email them to find out. Well, I did, but never got a reply! The alternative is DMI India. They have all the outfits but be prepared to pay the price!!

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11 Responses to “Jodha Akbar Jewelry and Clothes”

  1. Mariam Khawaja Says:


    I am interested in purchasing the green lehnga type of outfit she with the round circles in gold and also interested in the type of teeka she wears in the movie Jodha akbar…the round one…

    Can you please help? Im getting married soon and really want to wear that teeka..


  2. admin Says:


    Dmi-India.com has eight different lenghas from Jodha Akbar. Unfortunately, not that particular green one but there are some very similar ones.

    If you really want that particular one I suggest contacting Neeta Lulla directly at neetalulla@gmail.com or visiting her website neetalulla.com. The entire collection is available for sale.

    The round teeka she wears is called a borla. There are a couple of places where you may be able to find one. Art Karat has one type of borla:

    Also try CarmaWorld.com for the borla. They don’t sell one individually but they do have one as part of a Jodha Akbar inspired jewelry set:

    In addition, the jewelry of Jodha Akbar was designed by Tanishq. You may be able to find a borla from them.

    Hope that helps and congratulations on your wedding!


  3. natash Says:

    For Gods sake,dont buy from DMI-INDIA FASHION
    that is the biggest fraud and ripp off online shop from India
    thousands of customers have been ripped off(see google)
    they show bollywood pictures and send you a material not even worth 100 rupees,while you pay at least 200/300 pounds,and after sending stuff they just stay silent,never react on mails again
    I have been ripped off big time
    so see other online shop from india

  4. shama Says:

    rubbish website,fake,
    buy elsewhere

  5. nupur Says:

    hi i like to bouy the jodha akber jewellery sate how much is this.plzz let me know

  6. shama Says:

    just find another website to buy jewellery,dmi india is scam

  7. banglabride Says:

    I agree,India online shop are doubtfull
    i did order from DMI INDIA and they ripped me off,sending clothes from the streetmarkets while i had paid them 400 pounds
    it didnt look like the one i had ordered, and my complaints got only htis sentence,see terms and conditions

    Fake,fake,DMI india Fakes


    August 19th, 2009 at 7:29 pm


    I ordered an $800 lehenga for my upcoming wedding and what arrived looked nothing like the picture. It was such poor quality and bad workmanship that I would not even buy it for $25. It looks hideous. Even if it didn’t match the picture, I would’ve been happy if it at least looked pretty, but this was beyond ugly. They didn’t follow any of my specifications for the blouse, so the blouse arrive 3 sizes too small and also cut so low that almost my entire chest is showing. The skirt was so tight that I could not bend in it. (I gave my correct measurements.) They also added a blue triangle design to the front and back of the skirt (not in the picture) and the triangle actually outlines my female private part and looks so embarrassing. I had my friends and family look at it to get their opinion, and they thought the very same thing. It is so embarrassing I can’t possibly wear it to my wedding. I contacted them to get a refund or at least for them to fix the size and design of the one I have, and they would not. They would not address any of my concerns and took days to answer. They left me in a really bad position as I had already ordered all of my wedding jewelry and shoes to match the outfit I thought I ordered. Now I have only a few weeks to find a new lehenga in the USA matching everything I already have.

    I can’t say it enough, please don’t buy from DMI India. They are a shady business and will not deliver on their promises. They are a total rip-off. Please don’t waste your time or money dealing with them.

    See other reviews here: http://www.consumercomplaints.in/complaints/dmi-india-c185440.html

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  8. sarwesh Says:

    Shyamal mitra is a crook with a criminal past, now he is running this company dmi india fashion to ripp off ladies all over the world with his so called bollywood fashion.
    Girls you be aware of this fraudulent shady figure with his online company

  9. venkat Says:

    hai i found ur article while searching for JODHA AKBAR jewellery and dresses info..

    i want to know wheatehr i can get the same type or similiar jewellery and dresses wore by aishwarya rai in that film..

    plz give me full details where i can get that

  10. Umme Says:

    Never buy from DMI INDIA - they are big time scam - paid $300 for a set and what I got was not ever wearble - I basically threw it away…

  11. Neelam Says:

    I spent almost $400 for Rani Mukherjee’s sharara in HOT PINK. I waited for my order over 3 months, and when I received my order what I got was cheap stuff. The fabric was cheap with cheap design, the choli wasn’t my size (too tight.) I contacted the customer service, and all I got for answer what “sorry we cannot refund you.” I was dissapointed and please do not order from them because it is a common sense that the celebrities wear good diamond quality clothes and designed by the best designers. These people are piece of crap and they cannot use good quality products because they want to earn 100% profit.

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