November 2017

Manoj Kumar vs Om Shanti Om
[Blog!-August 2008]

Manoj Kumar had filed a case against the tv premiere of Om Shanti Om which was was to premiere today. After his petition to delete some scenes was ignored he filed the case to stop the tv premiere of the film. He either wanted the scenes to be omitted or for the movie to not premiered at all on television. One of the scenes he objected to was where his character was shown being beaten up by the police outside a movie theatre because they couldn’t recognize him. He also objected to the scene where Shahrukh Khan delivered a mock thank you speech in a drunken state and said he was Manoj Kumar. “When the general public have respect for me, then how can a few of our own industry people make fun of me?” he asked. “I want to ask Shahrukh that why did he feel offended when someone questioned his dignity for working for an ad of a hair oil. When he is so catious of his reputation, then why is he not giving respect to others’ dignity?”

Well, it seems that Manoj has won the case… “We have won the case as the court has ordered a permanent injunction on the scenes which mock the actor. Now we are planning a criminal case,” advocate Ashok Saraogi told IANS on Friday. He also said that they are planning to file a criminal case against the director Farah Khan and producers Shahrukh and Gauri Khan for purposely defaming a person in public.

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