October 2017

Oh Shopping!
[Blog!-May 2009]

I do love to go shopping but only for Indian clothes. The Western counterparts are rather dull and boring. It’s all about labels, whereas in sari land it doesn’t matter as long as it looks great…for the most part at least. Something I just realized, though there are endless styles and colors it really all comes down to the basics. This never happened before but today I somehow didn’t know what I wanted or what to get. There’s just not enough colors to choose from! All other shades are variations of the major colors. What do you do when you run out of blue, green, orange, yellow, red, white, black, pink, purple, and their similar counterparts?

Another sad part of the shopping experience was that there was so much black! Black anarkalis were pouring off the racks and various lengths and shapes. All this made my day one of the major shopping spree a bit depressing. I hope what the weekend ahead brings is much more colorful and exciting!

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