October 2017

Oily Indian Food: Common Misconception
[Blog!-October 2008]

It remains to this day a common myth that Indian food is oily. It’s actually not. If you make it that way then perhaps it will be oily but in reality Pakistani food is much oilier than Indian food. The proof is in the recipes in households. Another reason food is sometimes seen as oily is because a lot of dishes are fried, deep fried, etc. Of course, ghantiya, chakri, parathas, and puris are oily. They not only are deep fried but contain additional oil “in” them! The point being here is that desi food can or cannot be oily depending on its preparation method. Some things just can’t be prepared with less oil, let alone without oil but it is justified to say that every day dishes don’t require much oil! Learn to measure your oil and ghee by teaspoons and tablespoons and not cups and ounces and stop giving your cuisine a bad name!

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