October 2017

Online Eid Shopping
[Blog!-August 2011]

Eid shopping just isn’t the same if you do it online. I always prefer to go shopping in person for my Eid clothes. That, however, is not always possible for everyone. Depending on where you live you may or may not have access to Indian shops in your area. Even if you do they can often be of no use to you if they don’t have enough variety. You may not find your size or their selection might be outdated.

This is when resorting to online shopping can be a great solution, or not! Honestly, there are very few trusted sites out there. I’ve ordered from many of them. Sometimes you will get scammed. Other times you will have a great experience but when you order again they will try to take your money and you’ll never get the product. It can really be a hassle. It’s especially frustrating if you don’t get your outfit in time for Eid or the occasion you are ordering for! Then you have to deal with disputes, trying to get your money back, or trying to get them to ship you the item. Even if you do receive the item it may be messed up. Most of the time they won’t even take it back and if they do agree to they won’t pay for the return shipping even if it is their fault! So in the end, only shop online if you absolutely have no choice. If you’re sure about your size try to order readymade so you get the clothes faster. Be very careful so you’re not the victim of fraud!

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