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Practical Saris
[Blog!-April 2009]

I’m sitting here wondering why people tend to think that saris are impractical and that they won’t be worn like let’s say for instance salwar kameez. Now this is so not trure. Millions of women in India wear saris every single day and have been doing so for ages. There is nothing more practical and comfortable than a sari. It’s so unique and free flowing. Very versatile in its drapes and styles. Practically available in everything from cotton to silk and everything in between. Then why is it that people say saris are “hard” to wear. Or, that they are uncomfortable. The worst one I hear, is that they’re “reserved” for special occasions. I don’t think so.

Just take pants, for example. The come in many shapes and forms. Just as jeans are for everyday wear and nice slacks for more formal occasions. The same goes for saris. There are formal saris made from pure silk and covered in embroidery and then there are plain cottons. Lately, the sari has really made a comeback. There was a time, some decades ago, when women “ditched” the sari for a more “comfortable” salwar kameez, especially for those women who went to work outside the home. Then of course, came the business suits, even for women in India. Things have changed once again and many women…even in the West, are wearing saris to work! Surprised? Don’t be. Who says saris are immpractical? If you don’t want to wear them that’s one thing but that doesn’t make the outfit itself unsensible!

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2 Responses to “Practical Saris”

  1. ms ratty Says:

    I find that Sari’s are very practical. India is about 8 degrees latitude Nagercoil, India, to something in the 31 degrees in Amritsar, India, Key West, Florida is about 24 Degrees. Phoenix, Arizona is about 33 degrees. Florida has high humidity, and Arizona, in the summer has the monsoon. Our monsoon season starts when our dew point is 55 or greater for 3 days. Our wind shifts to the southeastern, it rains and we have thunderstorms, only the rain seldom hits the ground. Instead it evaporates in the upper air. We can and do have lightning strikes but no water. The Monsoon does not affect all of Arizona. I am not a weather export, I know that when summer comes I put on my sari’s. When it is 110 degrees Fahrenheit (43 Celsius) and it is humid, sari’s are perfect. I am protected from the sun, with shade, when the hot wind blows the folds of my sari will flutter drawing cooling air about me. The cotton cloth seems to wick the moisture of perspiration and my sari turns into an evaporative cooler. When I go into air-conditioning from the heat I can wrap the pallu about me to keep me from being chilled. What more can a woman ask for, shade from the sun, cooling from the heat, protection from sudden chill, femininity, beauty, style, grace, as well as if you happen to be a little over weight you cannot tell.

  2. admin Says:

    Thanks for your comment. It’s good to know that there are still people out there who respect the Sari.

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