November 2017

Puzzling Questions
[Blog!-May 2009]

There are some questions that always puzzle and intrigue me. The answers, when I learn them, will fascinate me even more. I am very interested in knowing more about the Indian garment. I wonder if in Bollywood films, do they really pleat the actresses’ saris or do they merely just don an automatic “sari.” I know that in Devdas, the famous blue sari worn by Aishwarya Rai, took several hours to drape. I truly admire the beauty and grace of the nine yard Bengali beauty. The Bengali sari is so elegant and unique. It was upsetting that she didn’t wear that sari for very long in the movie. So much trouble for just a few seconds. What a waste.

Another question that puzzles me on a daily basis is that how, in the movies and on Indian television, do they make their pallu or dupatta firmly adhere to their head?? I know brides do it all the time. However, bobby pins are used many times. I’ve even heard of the use of safety pins…Ouch!! Another technique is to sew little hooks into the dupatta and then slide bobby pins through them, securing them through the head. Sure this is a great idea but I don’t have the time to do this to all my clothes! I wonder if they really do this on Indian television?? Any answers to my puzzling questions will be appreciated.

Going back to Bengali saris I just want to say that it saddens me to see them dissappearing. Everyone is draping the sari in the usual modern manner. Not that I have anything against that and it is perfectly fine but many drapes and styles are very sadly becoming obsolete…which I will discuss more upon later.

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