October 2017

Rapid Changes
[Blog!-October 2010]

Fashion changes so quickly and rapidly that it’s some times hard to keep up. You know when a new style comes out and you fall in love with it so you buy tons of new outfits in that style and you can’t wait to wear all of them or at least get to wear them while they’re still “in” right? That’s always exciting but what happens if you don’t get to wear your all your new outfits and then new trends start coming in? They just get showed to the back of your closet. This is worse for those who live in areas where they can’t easily buy South Asian clothes. Those people just have to plan ahead and stock up so it’s not always easy. It’s easier when you live in a city where there are a great number of shops where you can get your shopping done. What do you do when something is no longer in style? Do you just throw it out/get rid of it or do you put it in the back of your closet and wait till it’s back in again?

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