November 2017

Revisiting the Lengha Sari
[Blog!-December 2008]

A couple of months ago we introduced you to the Lengha Sari. Our fashion section has featured some of the latest styles and trendy lengha saris recently. The designs are overpouring and flooding the fashion scene. I was first introduced to the lengha sari at the end of September. At that time it was a mere newcomer. In fact, the most famous sari shop in my city only had a few designs. It was practically unseen online but in the last couple of months this has drastically changed. Lengha saris are pouring off the shelves and easily available on the web. Sure, they come with a price tag. I recommend, checking Little India before shopping online if you’re looking for a decent price. If you wish to splurge, feel free to take a look online. The designs are more intricate, the saris more fashionable, the colors more ravishing, and the choices endless. Either way you choose to shop be sure to get one and expect to pay no less than $200 if you’re lucky. It’s a perfect party wear piece. Trendy but not overly trendy. Remember, saris will never go out of style. Two of India’s most famous outfits fuse together to make this wonderful, long awaited masterpiece. Whether you’re an avid sari wearer or a newcomer; daring or traditional; you will love the lengha sari.

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  1. Lopamudra Says:

    Pls. tell me where to buy this saree ?

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