October 2017

Saathiya Lengha Saris
[Blog!-June 2010]

Rashi, Gopi’s cousin and sister-in-law, in the new Star Plus serial Saathiya was always seen wearing Western clothes and never knew how to wear a sari. Now that she’s married her western wear is far from appropriate! So she was bound to wear a sari but the question is how? Since she’s not traditional enough to pleat a sari the lengha sari came to her rescue! This sari combines both the grace of a traditional sari with the elegance of a lengha. Since they’ve become to popular, they are now easy to find as well as affordable. Here’s a sari very similar to one being worn by Rashi:

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  1. Sheryl Says:

    How do you put on this particular type of sari exactly?

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