November 2017

Saif Ali Khan Becomes Family-Oriented
[Blog!-August 2008]

Two new movies were supposed to release yesterday: Ugly aur Pagli and Mukhbiir. Ugly aur Pagli was made by the makers of Pyar ke Side Effects. It’s about 99 slaps and one kiss, to sum it up. Starring Mallika Sherawat and Ranvir Shorey as Kuhu and Kabir, the film is a comedy. The film also stars Zeenat Aman as a matchmaker. Kabir has been studying engineering for the last ten years. Kuhu makes him dance in circles, run semi-naked, ride cycles without seats, and wear high-heeled shoes! Sounds stupid if you ask me. Viewers have referred to it as “slow” and “boring.” Don’t waste your time over this unless you really want to see a dumb comedy and it that case this would be perfect.

Mukhbiir, on the other hand, is an action movie. The cast is better as well and includes: Sameer Dattani, Sunil Shetty, Om Puri, Rahul Dev, Jackie Shroff, and Raima Sen. The story is written by Mani Shankar. The film is about a rare few who choose to become hunted shadows so others may live in peace and enjoy sunshine. This seems to be a better choice of the two but nothing to look forward to. It’s release date has been delayed but will finally be released on the 29th…

Soha Ali Khan does not wish to admit or deny her relationship with Tamil star Siddharth nor does she wish to comment on her brother, Saif Ali Khan’s, relationship with Kareena Kapoor. She also adds that reports of her break-up with Siddharth are untrue. According to Soha, Saif has become “family-oriented” lately.

Nearly a thousand people from various parts of India gathered in Mumbai on Thursday to commemorate the 28th death anniversary of Mohammed Rafi, one of the greatest singers in Bollywood. The event is spread out over four days until today. Sonu Nigam’s album Rafi Resurrected was released in Europe and will soon be released in India. It is a tribute to his life. Sonu Nigam, who never even met Rafi, started his career by singing Rafi’s songs and was greatly influenced by him.

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