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Saris and Hijabs
[Blog!-July 2009]

The sari and the hijab…two good things on their own but HIDEOUS when paired together. Yes, I said hideous. The sari is beautiful, graceful, traditional, and fashionable. The hijab is a part of religion and more than just a headscarf. It is also interpreted differently by various individuals. I’m not going to get into that though. Some people wear a hijab or headscarf with a sari. It’s very unfashionable, untraditional, and just plain ugly. I have nothing against hijab but it just doesn’t go with a sari! I mean, just look how stupid it looks:

For the more conservative woman who thinks a sari won’t cover her head, she’s wrong! In fact, our mothers and especially grandmothers were more conservative than us and they managed to cover their heads while wearing a sari. That’s exactly what the pallu is for! It’s purpose is not to be thrown over the soldier Bollywood style. The pallu was always meant to cover ones head when necessary or required and does a perfect job of doing so. There is no need for a separate headpiece. Especially one that doesn’t belong. In fact, if you wanted to go a step further, you could even cover your face with the pallu if you wanted. It’s all quite possible when you have six to nine yards of fabric…the possibilities are endless.

Now if you don’t like this look or you feel the pallu is not long enough, I suggest a Dupatta Sari. Many saris come with a matching dupatta. If draped appropriately they do a quite fine job of covering the head and looking elegant as well.

Many saris, not just bridal saris, come with matching dupattas. They are elegant and beautiful. If your sari doesn’t come with one you can always find a matching one. Don’t follow the model though. This may not be the look you’re trying to achieve. Saris usually come with long, free flowing, and large enough sized dupattas to cover your head and drape elegantly over your shoulders.

The dupatta goes with many sari drapes and does a great job of changing up and enhancing any look.

The dupatta sari is not just for brides. Try one today and see what you think.

[photo credits: homeindia.com, cbazaar.com, nabila-bd.com]

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