October 2017

Say Goodbye to the Butterfly Pallu
[Blog!-October 2008]

The time has come to say goodbye to the butterfly pallu sari. Anyone who watches Saat Phere knows that Tara, Saloni’s sister-in-law, was always famous for her butterfly pallu saris and especially the way she draped the pallu towards the front. She practically made it famous. I was wrong to not buy one two years ago when the local sari shop owner insisted I do so! Instead, I settled for a much more classic design in eggplant with kundan work. A true classic, this style would never go out. It was supposed to last me ages. Anyone who is familiar with Indian television, however, knows its influence on the mind. Therefore, I sought to get one myself! To my dismay, this overly trendy sari was no longer in style. Will they ever come back? Who knows! Instead, I was introduced to the lengha sari. It is worn just like a sari but does not require any pleating. Perfect for those who want the look of a sari and easiness of a lengha. This two in one deal is sure to last at least a couple of years so if you follow trends then it’s really the way to go!

[photo credit: cbazaar.com]

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2 Responses to “Say Goodbye to the Butterfly Pallu”

  1. Jessica Says:

    Do you know where I can get a sari like this? I live in Canada and would like to purchase one. Where did you get this pic?

  2. admin Says:

    This sari is $200. Please email us at info@arzoomag.com for more details. Thanks!

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