November 2017

Shahrukh Khan Will Not Stop Smoking
[Blog!-August 2008]

Shahrukh Khan denied having said that he would quit smoking within a couple of months. When asked if he would give up smoking his reply was “no.”He had reportedly told the Kerala Daily Malayala Manorama that he
thought of quitting smoking while he was traveling on a 17 hour light without a cigarette.”The idea of quitting cropped up during a 17 hour hour flight,” said Shahrukh. “So if I can do without smoking in a flight, I am sure I can do without it on land too.” He has also reportedly said that he planned to kick the habit for the sake of his children. Shahrukh started smoking when he was 22 and has been often ticked off by Health Minister Anbumani Ramadoss for smoking in public because it sets a bad example for youngsters.

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