November 2017

Shopping: Online or Offline?
[Blog!-April 2009]

I love to look at Indian clothes online. My favorites are saris, of course! as well as anarkalis and sometimes even lenghas. Though the latter are not very practical for me since I don’t don them often. There are some really beautiful saris available online. The prices can be more or less than you would pay in person and really vary according to site and popularity. However, anarkalis are the hardest. Now if you were looking for a simple salwar kameez or churidar kurta you would require very little effort as there are millions of types and combinations available which can easily be purchased online for a minimal price tag. Anarkalis on the other hand are terribly hard to find. Some are just hideous. Most over priced. If you happen to see or come across any nice anarkalis please let us know!

Most people are under the impression that anarkalis are formal and not intended for everyday wear. Though they can be, due to their elegance, anarkalis are definitely suited for every day of the year. There are a wide range of anarkalis to choose from, whether formal or casual. As far as anarkalis go, I think you best bet will be to purchase them in person. They are almost always difficult to locate online (at least the good ones). You will get even more variety in person. The down side is they tend to run quite a bit long. They are intended this way but it makes it very difficult for short people. If it comes mid-calf on the model, or an average heigh woman, it will probably come down to the ankles on a short person and that’s not how it’s meant to be. My best advice, if you’re short like me, is to buy a shorter anarkali. These are made in the typical style but come only to the knees on most people and will fit perfectly to the mid-calf on anyone who is petite. Therefore, anarkalis are best bought in person where you can try them on, experiment with them, and hopefully get a wide range of choices to pick from!

Saris on the other hand, go either way. Sometimes they’re cheaper online, sometimes in person. Personally, I like to hand pick my saris. I like to feel the texture and try them on. It’s more practical that way because one can’t go by how it will look on the model. Everything looks good on them. If it doesn’t look good on you, accept it and move on to something that does. I hate to see people wearing unsuitable clothes. It just gives off a bad vibe and a terrible impression. If you can, buy your saris in person. Don’t limit yourself. Some really lavish yet inexpensive saris are available online as well. Especially, if you live in an area where there is not any or very limited choice then utilize the help of the internet to get you through all those events.

Lenghas…I strongly suggest purchasing in person. Especially, if it’s for a special occasion. Once again, you can go either way and the choice is totally yours. There are set backs to buying online. If the investment is a pricey one then you’re safer off trying it on first. Some shops have really gorgeous chaniya cholis so if you can get to them then you really should.

Online or Offline? What do you prefer?

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