November 2017

Since When Did the Lengha Become So Formal?
[Blog!-October 2008]

Lengha, ghagra, chaniya choli…or whatever you want to call it, is rarely worn around the house or to a dinner party or other small function. Right? When was that last time you cooked a meal in a chaniya choli? Try to recall the most recent time time you pranced around your house in a lengha? Never! This is the answer that brings us to the point being that the lengha has been reserved only for more lavish occasions such as weddings and festivals. But why? Ghararas, native to Lucknow, have close to disappeared from the planet or only reserved for brides. Sure, no one is saying to walk around everywhere you go in that lengha choli you received in your trosseau! Of course not! Then? All over Gujarat and Rajasthan women adorn themselves in vibrant chaniya cholis every day as they work in the fields or do housework. Then why don’t we? Perhaps there is an ongoing wait for someone to start this new trend by wearing lenghas on casual occasions as well. This brings us to the problem, which is probably the root of it all, that it is difficult to impossible to find a casual wear lengha! They just don’t make them anymore. Sad but true…the lengha will forever remain formal from now on.

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