October 2017

So What is Arzoo Mag?
[Blog!-August 2011]

Some people still fail to understand what Arzoo Mag is. Please also refer to the previous blog so you know what we’re not. Arzoo Mag is an online magazine. We publish articles on South Asian culture, fashion, weddings, bollywood, food, and more.

What can you do at ArzooMag.com? You can read articles and comment on them and enjoy browsing through some of our picture galleries. No you may not steal our articles and pictures. Using without permission is stealing.

What else can’t you do? You can’t order clothes and jewelry from us as mentioned previously. Arzoo Mag is very similar to any magazine you may pick up at a stand. One difference…we don’t have a print edition at this time. Please enjoy the free online version and happy reading :)

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