October 2017

Summer Weddings
[Blog!-July 2009]

It’s been one busy summer with all the weddings. Some so lavish and some not so great. Overall, orange has been very hot amongst the guests. Anarkalis retained their popularity. Saris flooded the room and lenghas shined in bright, hot colors. Ghararas have slowly been making a popular comeback as well. One thing is certain. There have been a lot of blue brides! No, they’re not blue themselves but there is definitely a blue trend. It has made me wonder if brides are wearing blue because they really do love it or just to be trend followers? The modern bride is a rebel. She does not follow traditions!

Red remains the bridal color and always will but does it retain its popularity? That depends. Many brides will wear red on their wedding day while making exceptions for other wedding rituals and events. Some will portray only glimpses of red. Many other colors are starting to take over and lead the way.

I’ll admit that red did get a bit boring. Especially brides who thought that if they wore red there was no need to make any effort. Especially, some of the plain, non-bridal lenghas that became the rage. Probably the worst part of the red rage is that even those brides who don’t traditionally wear red began to do so. Contrary to the popular belief, not all Indian brides wear red. Gujarati brides wear the red and white panetar. Which is loosing its place. Gujarati as well as many other brides are dressing less traditionally and wearing red or blue or gold. Instead of saris they are wearing lenghas. Though lenghas are regal saris are not any less elegant.

June and July were the busiest for weddings. However, summer has not yet ended and wedding seasons continues through Fall. I hope I don’t see anymore blue. In addition, those who wear black to weddings should be banned! Brides should learn to look like one and guests should take Fashion 101. Many traditions are slowly disappearing and will sadly become extinct as new ones take over.

[photo credits: homeindia.com, cbazaar.com, ashika.com]

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