November 2017

The Butterfly Pallu Makes a Comeback
[Blog!-April 2009]

Just a couple of years ago butterfly pallus were all the rage right after they were introduced a few years back. Trends come and go and the butterfly sari was replaced by the lengha sari not too long ago. Now, personally, I think it would be nice to combine the two. Although a completely new creation, it’s very trendy and flattering. Not long after we said goodbye to butterfly pallu saris, it seems they’ve come back. Though some styles I’ve seen being called butterfly are really just saris with “shorter” pallus, meaning they’re not so wide. Let’s determine if the “original” butterfly pallu has returned or not.

The new butterfly pallu is a slight variation from its previous counterpart.

Is it worth giving the butterfly sari another try? All these lovely saris featured are from RAIR.

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