October 2017

The Lengha: a Love/Hate Relationship
[Blog!-August 2010]

I believe I have both a love and hate relationship with lenghas. I love them because they are beautiful, elegant, and fancy. They are perfect for formal wear and especially weddings. Many brides wear them on their weddings. Lenghas are very graceful and feminine. Every woman should own at least one.

What’s there left to hate? Well, they’re not made to be very practical. They’re always fancy. You don’t see any lenghas for every day wear now do you? The prices are very high and you don’t get around to wearing one unless it’s either your wedding or a close family member’s. They almost always come in short sleeves. So what if you prefer long sleeves then tough luck for you. There are a few full-sleeved cholis out there but they’re hard to find. Lenghas are beautiful and elegant but not practical and affordable!

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