October 2017

The Lengha Sari Wins
[Blog!-March 2009]

If you’ve been following my blog you’ll know that I was debating as to what to wear last night. What would be most appropriate for the occasion…my new, stylish, and trendy lengha-sari with eye-catching colors and sparkling designs or my eggplant, traditional party-wear in pure crepe silk embellished with kundan embroidery. Now, though I love both, I wanted to wear the lengha-sari. It’s so new and “in” right now plus for many it’s something they’ve never seen or heard of before. Now the dilemma was that I felt I would be a bit overdressed for the occasion. At least some would think so. Finally, I decided why should I care. It’s important to be confident in oneself. It’s important to do what makes YOU happy and who cares what the world thinks. The world is full of jealous and ignorant people who know nothing except hatred and criticizing. Sometimes we tend to fall into their traps and not appear in public the way we really want to. I must say, though, I’m quite proud of myself for overcoming this. I’ve done it once so now I can do it again and much more confidently!

And yes, if you’re wondering I may have been overdressed in the eyes of some people but in my eyes they were the ones under-dressed! After all, these types of things are merely just nothing but opinions. However, the best part of the evening was being the best dressed and to me that feels great. Sometimes getting too much “attention” can be annoying or uncomfortable but in the end it can also be pleasant and rewarding. You see, suddenly everyone wanted to talk to me and be my friend. Random people who never noticed me before in the same crowd started walking up to me and introducing themselves. They all wanted to know who I am and comment on my sari. Now I hate to brag but I didn’t mind that bit of extra attention. So the moral of my story isn’t really anything to do with the lengha-sari but more so about being confident in who you are and appearing in front of others as yourself. You may think it will have a negative affect but you never know…you could make new friends and it really doesn’t hurt to get notice. If you respect yourself and your culture then others will also respect you!

If you have any interesting or similar story, please feel free to share!

[photo credit: homeindia]

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