October 2017

To Pleat or Not to Pleat
[Blog!-December 2010]

Well that’s not really a choice. Unless, you have some kind of disability you really should be pleating your sari and not looking for some kind of easier alternatives. In fact, there are various pleating tools out there (to be discussed later) that can help you pleat a sari the same way pins can help you hold a sari in place. Now that’s pretty cool. So, therefore, there is not excuse for not being able to pleat your own sari.

I am always offended when someone asks me if I have wrapped the sari myself or if it’s wrapped or “belted.” Why would you even bother wearing a sari if you’re not wrapping it. What is the point of wearing a sari then. That obviously says you are not comfortable in it and if that’s the case then perhaps you should wear something that you feel better about wearing.

The beauty and greatness about wearing a sari is being able to transform all those yards of fabric into an elegant and sophisticated dress suitable for any occasion. It’s an art that is represented through clothing. If you can’t wrap a sari then consider a lengha which is just as elegant and you can even buy a lengha that has pleats in it to make it look like a sari!

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