November 2017

Unforgettable Tour Disasters!
[Blog!-August 2008]

Preity Zinta, who is accompanying the Bachchans on their Unforgettable Tour, says even though she gets along with everyone in Bollywood’s first family, she shares a special bond with Jaya Bachchan. Jaya is accompanying her family on the tour even though she’s not performing. Preity says Jaya Aunty is her favorite, “We bonded earlier during Kal Ho Naa Ho. At that time we had gotten really close. Now it’s like old times again. Jaya Aunty is my favorite member of the Bachchan family. We get along so well. ” The two ladies seem to take off on long walks and shopping sprees at every venue. “Just the two of us. We love it!” says Preity.

Speaking of Preity, she too lost her luggage along with Amitabh Bachchan on arrival in LA, just hours before she was to go on stage! Her suitcase contained a precious golden gown and there was no way she would go on stage without it. So in order to get a replacement she began to hunt in the shopping areas of LA for a designer. “I finally found this place run by a guy called Mike. At first he was horrified. ‘How can I make a duplicate dress without a pattern, and that too in just hours?’ But you know me. I badgered, threatened, pleaded. It was done. I got my golden gown just in time,” said Preity.

On the subject of Unforgettable Tour disasters…During the show in Houston, when Amitabh was on stage, the power to the sound went out in the middle of ‘Rang Barse.’ In a flash, the percussions and drums who don’t need power kept the beat going. In addition, everyone from backstage ran on to the stage and kept clapping to the beat and dancing. When the audience realized the power was gone they stood up and joined in the clapping and dancing. In the words of Amitabh, “It was electric. I had goose bumps. What a crowd. What an audience!” He adds, “You won our hearts Houston. I shall never forget this moment.” Houston also seems to be the best show yet for the tour. “This is the biggest and the best that I have ever done, what will I do next”, says Amitabh.

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