November 2017

Waaris Has Ended and Teen Bahuraaniyaan Follows
[Blog!-January 2009]

Not so popular Zee TV serial Waaris has just ended in the States. I watched the final episode as it aired last night and I must say that like most other last episodes on Zee this one was also dissapointing. So we see that Ganga shoots Rudra Pratap and the next thing you know Yashoda is standing in front of his garlanded picture in her white sari when Shankar comes to say he and the others are leaving. I just don’t understand why the endings have to be so abrupt? They love to spend a lot of time, or should I say waste a lot of time on stretching out scences, especially with special effects but the endings are rather sudden.

Remember Meri Doli Tere Angana? It was ok until Simran and Rohan get shot and the next thing we know that story takes a complete turn. We never see Simran, Sandhiya Chachi, or any of the others again. Not even at the end. The story ends with Rohan’s father informing everyone that Simran was in fact dead and Rohan does regain his memory. Personally, the show was ok until they changed the entire story. It became so dull and boring.

Looking through my TV Guide I’m also very happy that Teen Bahuraaniyaan is ending! They have just stretched this serial for way too long. It should have ended long ago. I don’t even understand the point of the story anymore. So just a couple more weeks and it will be gone as well. Teen Bahuraaniyaan will end along with January.

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