October 2017

Wedding Season Approaches
[Blog!-March 2009]

As wedding season comes closer, I begin to wonder. What will I wear? It’s not a matter of not having enough clothes but more so of what to wear when and matching jewelry and accessories. The usual dilemma of course. The biggest problem I encounter is whether I will be overdressed. In my opinion, of course not! There is no such thing to as being overdressed for a wedding. I will obviously be appropriately dressed. Then what’s the bigger problem? Well, even though I will be appropriately dressed for the occasion, everyone else will be underdressed! That poses a huge problem and threat because if everyone else is underdressed then that does make me overdressed. Doesn’t it? Ok, so I’m obviously feeling a bit threatened here. Now is it my fault that people are cheap and don’t want to go buy nice things for themselves? Or, is it my fault that they don’t own anything decent? Or that they have bad taste! What’s wrong with people I say. Is it just not “in” anymore to deck out. Or maybe people are too overoccupied with matching jewelry and shoes and makeup that they no longer actually pay attention to the fabric they are wrapping themselves in. Only time will tell what will become of our culture.

Give it a thought! In the meantime, I must go decide what to wear to tonight’s big event :) I’m thinking of my new lengha sari. The colors are bright and the embroidery sparkles. I may even settle for a classic partywear in eggplant with kundan work and a pricetag worth even more. What do you suggest?

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