November 2017

Wedding Season Part Two
[Blog!-November 2010]

Winter, although not as popular as summer, is the second most highly chosen time of the year to get married. Of course, some of you may be tired from all the weddings you attend over the summer but those are long gone and fall has well set in. With winter holidays setting in December becomes another popular month to get married.

Winter weddings are also fun. You get to wear thicker heavier fabrics and don’t have to worry about breaking a sweat. It’s a great opportunity to wear velvet as well as heavy silk saris. Since you won’t already be feeling weighed down by the summer heat, the cooler months allow you to dress more excessively.

Net saris maybe in style but they’re not exactly appropriate for the cold weather months so put them away till it gets a bit warmer again and get shopping for more appropriate clothing.

A great start is to pair your saris with long-sleeved blouses. Don’t forget a matching shawl to keep you warm. Also keep in mind to opt for darker, richer colors and stay away from the pastels!

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