October 2017

What I Love About the Gharara
[Blog!-June 2010]

When most people think of a gharara they associate it with a few other things: Muslim women, brides, formal wear, and most of all grace and elegance! During the 19th and early 20th centuries, it was worn as an everyday attire by upper class North Indian Muslim women. To learn more about the gharara click here: http://www.arzoomag.com/culture/the-gharara-truth/

Unfortunately, the gharara has long diminished as everyday wear. It has become reserved for only special occasions; mainly as bridal wear. Even then very few brides actually wear the gharara. Few people in general wear ghararas. They have diminished but not disappeared!

What do I love about the gharara? It’s actually quite a beautiful attire. A very elegant lengha type outfit split in two. It’s regal and charming. Royal and elegant. The gharara has its own beauty and grace unlike any other Indian outfit. It’s not possible to compare it with anything else since its lavishness can’t be compared with anything else! Just like the sari is unique and amazing, the gharara has its own qualities that make it stand out!

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