October 2017

What Made Deepika Padukone Famous…
[Blog!-December 2008]

Deepika Padukone…she’s not pretty, in fact she’s darker complexioned. Not to mention she’s fairly a newcomer to the industry. Then what makes her so popular in Bollywood. Do you think that she would be accumulating the same fame if she had not made her debut in Om Shanti Om. Or, what if, in the film she co-starred alongside some other than Shah Rukh Khan? Would she then still be so widely liked? She’s dark, she’s ugly, she doesn’t have much going for herself BUT she starred in her debut film alongside the king of Bollywood himself, SRK, and she’s Ranbir Kapoor’s girlfriend. Perhaps, that’s the reason. This concludes that if Deepika had not played such a “glamorous” role in her first movie, accompanied by all the other great personalities of Bollywood, and if she were not arm in arm with Bollywood’s dashing newcomer then she surely wouldn’t be paid any attention to! Okay, so you don’t agree? Well, she was a supermodel who turned to acting recently so then that’s definitely it! Many models turned actresses have made their way into the industry and stayed followed by huge successes. So why should Deepika be any different. Ok, first of all a woman good enough to be a model can’t always be a great actress. Even if she can act, which is hard to determine at this point, is she Bollywood material? Normally, one would imagine not. Bollywood beauties were once gorgeous and fair but not anymore! Is Deepika really Bollywood material or has Bollywood just lowered their standards? Personally, I agree with the latter. Why? Well, because what else can you say about the industry after a series of flops this year. Who knows how the year will end.

Still love Deepika? Well, who wouldn’t. After all, she’s one of the few who have become successful after their first film. Not only was her film a success, but she won many awards as the best female debutant and newcomer. Hmm…wasn’t Sonam Kapoor, prettier indeed, one of the few who entered the movie world around the same time? Yes, but the problem is that Saawariya was not a success. Yet Ranbir still gained his fame. He is an exception. Descending from a long line of successful actors and filmmakers…the Kapoors…why wouldn’t he be. What do you think made Deepika famous? Was it that she was a model? Or is it because of OSM and SRK? Maybe even because she’s “with” Ranbir, Bollywood’s dashing new star. Don’t miss Deepika in her newest film alongside Akshay Kumar, Chandni Chowk to China, releasing in just a short time.

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