November 2017

What Sari Are You?
[Blog!-October 2008]

Over the years styles my have changed and designs may have come and gone but the everlasting sari has brought forth many new styles, drapes, and cholis. Ofcourse, the sari has evolved from what it once was to what it is now. The question, however, is what sari are you? A sari represents the woman wearing it. It should reflect oneself and personality. It is widely known that no sari is the same. Just a change in drape or fabric goes a long way. So, if you’re Gujarati and you drape your sari with the pallu in front then perhaps that indicates that you’re traditional. Same goes for the Bengali sari or any other drape; most of which have disappeared either completely or become unique to certain rural areas. The modern and most common style of wearing the sari has become a classic. Even though most women choose this style it does not make them all the same. In fact, if you cover your head with your pallu then chances are you are more conservative and religous. On the other hand if you dare to bare with backless cholis and sheer fabrics then perhaps you are too revealing or maybe seductive? Is the sari itself sexy or the way it’s worn? Remember, the sari says it all. Six yards of fabric wrapped around a woman reflect who she is. That’s what makes the sari so amazing and a style that will never go out. So, what sari are you?? Share your thoughts…

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