October 2017

What’s the Point
[Blog!-December 2010]

I have always wondered what’s the point of doing something if you don’t do it right. I mean it’s not what you do it’s whether or not you are good at it. Whatever you may choose you have to be successful in that direction. I think the same goes for clothes. If something doesn’t look good on you and it doesn’t suit you then you shouldn’t wear it. For example, it’s popular to pair tunics with tights. However, not everyone can pull this look off. If you’re not exactly skinny the tights can show your legs and make you look bigger than you are or actually reveal your size. Not everything suits everyone. People should learn that it is first imperative whether something looks good on you or not. Whether or not it’s in style comes second.

Trends come and go and right now we are going through times when there is quite a broad range of styles to choose from so this makes it especially crucial that one chooses something that particularly suits them and looks good on them. No one wants to look fat or stupid right?

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