October 2017

Where Do I Find Something
[Blog!-December 2010]

People often comment on our articles asking where they can purchase a particular necklace, sari, etc. In order to make a purchase you can email us directly at info@arzoomag.com. Before contacting us to order something or leaving a comment read the article. Sometimes we post designs that are available only from a particular retailer or designer and we post their contact information in our article. If this is the case you cannot purchase that through us and must go through that retailer yourself.

Also, as a friendly reminder, we are not an online store, we don’t have a catalog, and nor do we have a physical location where you can come in to make purchases on clothing and jewelry. We are an online magazine dedicated to preserving culture. Our primary focus is on bringing informational articles to our readers. Our main topics are fashion, beauty, weddings, and culture. In addition we also have lifestyle, Bollywood, and food sections. Check out the BLOG! for daily updates.

If you are interested in advertising with us please contact us at info@arzoomag.com. We welcome comments and suggestions. Arzoo Mag is always looking for new writers. If you are interested in writing for us or would like to submit something for review please do so at the above email address.

At this time Arzoo Mag is an online magazine only and we do not have a print version. We hope to bring you a print version some time in the future. Here’s some of the services Arzoo will be offering in the near future: bridal hair and makeup, mehndi, and wedding planning. For more information please email Arzoo at info@arzoomag.com

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