November 2017

Who’s the Hottest Girl in the World??
[Blog!-April 2009]

…my desi girl, my desi girl. Dostana sure was a stupid movie. Who would have thought a culture once so conservative and full of traditional values would even bring up such a topic, let alone consider it acceptable. The more liberal we become…it means we are losing all our traditional values. In the desi girl song Priyanka wears a halter style choli with a back knot. The following sari was inspired by the one she wore in the movie and can be found in the RAIR Spring/Summer 2009 collection…

This Bollywood style sari can be found at for $272. The original sari itself sells for around $365 at

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2 Responses to “Who’s the Hottest Girl in the World??”

  1. Shefali Says:

    Hi, can you please provide more info regarding this sari? I went on the sites you liked, but can’t find it. Do you have a reference number for it?

  2. admin Says:

    No, sorry; this sari is no longer available.

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