October 2017

Why Are Anarkalis So Expensive?
[Blog!-May 2009]

This question I struggle to answer constantly. I love anarkalis. They’re nothing new of course. An ancient invention that has suddenly hit the runways with great splendor. However, they’re so overpriced! For $200 you get a quite simple anarkali. The anarkali carries with it elegance and grace but what you get for such a huge price tag doesn’t come close enough to the type of lavish outfit you need for a wedding. On the other hand, if you were to buy a sari with the same amount of money you could easily get a very fancy sari quite appropriate to wear to a wedding! A wedding appropriate anarkali would run you atleast $400! Perhaps they are overpriced because they are so popular and they know that we will buy them anyway. Or maybe, because of the amount of fabric used? No, I thought that was it but it isn’t. The sari contains a lot more fabric! However, the anarkali actually has to be sewn together whereas the sari requires very minimal sewing…except maybe the blouse. It upsets me that they are so expensive but then again I still buy them.

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