November 2017

Why Are British Indian Magazines Better?
[Blog!-December 2008]

We’ve already asked the questions so let’s attempt to answer it. Why are British Indian magazines better than those published in the United States and perhaps even Canada? To start off with, it is important to mention that there is a serious gap in the United States market for a decent South Asian magazine of any sort. Many have come and gone but none have ever been as successful or well-thought out as their British or Indian counterparts. Okay, so we can leave India out of this because Indian magazines are just bound to be better there but what about England. Well it all comes down to the fact that Asians have been in the U.K. much longer than they’ve been in America or Canada. Still there is no excuse. Americans are just too lazy and so are Indian Americans. Perhaps, they just don’t care about beauty and fashion. Fashion is taken much more seriously in Europe. On the other hand there have been some fashion and lifestyle magazines that have come out in the US. The problem with them, however, is that they sufficiently lack in a glossy and tempting look. If you’re going to try to sell people a thin magazine with only a few pages, articles, and not enough fashion then people won’t buy it! The market is our there and though limited it’s definitely there! Magazine companies just need to work on their covers and size! No one wants to hold a newspaper sized magazine anywhere or in any situation. People want a magazine that is colorful, informative, intrigueing, and most of all BIG in thickness but NORMAL in size! Unsuccessful magazines have disappeared for this very reason. The solution is to give the audience what they’re looking for. To market the product. And especially to stop charging an arm and a leg for a paper thin booklett because no one will pay 6 bucks for a super thin magazine when its counterparts can be bought in other parts of the world for just rupees or when American Bridal magazines, much thicker and better, come for the same price!

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