October 2017

Why is South Asian Makeup Different?
[Blog!-April 2011]

South Asian makeup, especially bridal makeup, is different because it needs to be in order to compete with the lavish clothes and jewelry. Brides often ask why they cant have a natural look on their wedding day as Western brides do. Well, you can but it’s tricky. The key element here is that you don’t want your outfit and accessories to empower you so that you’re almost unnoticeable. Simple makeup doesn’t go with an over the top outfit and heavy jewelry. However, your makeup doesn’t have to exactly match your outfit. In fact, it should match your skin and more so yourself, your personality, and who you are. Your wedding day is not the right time to try something new and over the top that you’ve never done before and wouldn’t even normally think of doing. It’s important that you feel comfortable in your makeup. After all, your husband is marrying you and not someone else so why do you need to look like something you’re not.

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