October 2017

Zee TV Strike!
[Blog!-November 2008]

Many of you may have noticed that last week quite shockingly ZeeTv started showing several reruns. Apparently they don’t have any new episodes of most of the shows because of a strike in Western India by Cine Workers. They keep saying you can log on to their website for additional information but of course they’re lying. I did not see any such think on their website. This strike has continued this week and if you take a look at next week’s schedule you will notice the same.

So my question is: what is this strike all about? Zee is awfully dumb for just showing reruns. Instead, why don’t they show some good movies? But alas, of course not! Why would they do that when they reserve all the good movies only for Zee Cinema. Does anyone know what’s really going on?

While we’re on the topic of Zee…who hates Saath Saath? I absolutely dispise that show but I watch it anyway. It has already ended in India but still goes on in the US since we’re obviously far behind but it will surely be ending soon. Lajwanti is such an idiot! Then there’s Lisa. She’s supposed to be a foreigner or an NRI. What the hell is she anyway? Either way, shouldn’t she be able to speak English properly? Just because she’s an NRI doesn’t mean that she can’t speak Hindi either. Someone really needs to fix the way she talks as well as the way Lajwanti dresses. Talk about ugly clothes! By the way, today’s episode was not much of an episode; it was full of songs, more singing, and then a detailed synopsis of the family’s visit to the temple accompanied by more songs and music ofcourse!

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