October 2017

Aishwarya’s Comeback
[Bollywood-November 2010]

It seems Aishwarya Rai is making a comeback in Bollywood; if comeback is the correct word that is. After her unsuccessful attempt at Hollywood she has had one new release after another this year. It seems she is just trying to re-secure her place with the Indian movie audience! Let’s face it you’re OLD Ash! She’s in her thirties now and there are a lot of new faces in the industry in recent years that are not only beautiful but talented! Aishwarya might be beautiful but her acting skills have always needed improvement. Some day or another she will age like the rest of us.

After the release of Robot, Action Replayy was also released just recently. Within a week Guzaarish is also coming out. I’ve never ever been a fan of Hrithik Roshan, the six fingered freak.

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